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CTET Admit Card 2021 Roll No.

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AFCAT Notification 2022 Online form IAF AFCAT 01/2022

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Time and work Most Important Question Shortcut Trick Formula

This is the trick you will not be able to find anywhere. This is the Derived Formula Shortcut Trick
In this question, A left after working for 2 days together with B. this question is slightly different from those questions in which A left P days before completion of work(y(x+n)/(x+y))...also this is not that question in which we can only apply (xy/x+y) because it is for determining in how much time both of them will complete the work. so please read the statement and formulas carefully. there is slight difference in all of these 3 types of questions....

Shortcut Formulas for Ratio and Proportion Problems Tricks

Ratio and proportions questions are asked in many exams including competitive exams like IBPS, SSC etc. and also other qualifying exams. These problems takes a little more time to solve if the candidate does not know the shortcut trick to solve these problems. It is very important for any candidate to learn the shortcut tricks to solve ratio and problems problems if they are preparing for competitive exams like from ssc or ibps etc.