How to Clear HTET JBT Exam-part 1 - 14 Tips to help you Qualify HTET JBT paper

HTET JBT is known as haryana teacher eligibility test for JBT teachers conducted by Board of Secondary Education Haryana. This test is a must for being selected as teachers in Haryana govt. schools. lakhs of aspirants tries in this test but most of them fails because of not being able to secure minimum marks.

1. collect the syllabus of htet tgt as per hbse which is available at hbse website.

2. collect the books of according to hbse syllabus of 6th, 7th and 8th class.
3. study for at least 6 hrs per day from these books and cover all the syllabus.
4. make notes of what you read from the books.
5. make a time table of your study and study according to this time table.
6. create shortcut methods of solving problems related to mathematics or any other question.
7. daily practice one previous year question paper of htet tgt putting yourself in the actual time limit of the htet tgt paper.
8. in the paper, attempt all the questions as there is no negative marking but try your best to give the right answers.
9. in solving the paper on the exam day, always start from a section which is easy to you and then move onto the tougher sections.
10. similarly do the easy questions in each section first and then do the tougher questions.
11. make a time plan of how much time you are going to give to each section and each question and work according to this time plan.
12. if you stuck on a question and find it tougher to solve, just leave it for the last.
13. practice solving the question paper quickly so that htet tgt paper can be solved within its time limit.
14. do more hard work on your weaker section of the htet tgt paper but also work a bit on your strengths.