Pay Band 1, 2, 3 Salary Pay Scale GP 2400 2800 4200 5400

Most of the candidates who applies for Govt. jobs does not know what will be the Latest salary in the shown pay band or pay scale in advertisement. So to help those candidates, here is the detailed salary structure (details) of Pay Band 1,2,3 which will help you give an idea of what is the salary in these Pay bands having Grade pay 2400 2800 4200 5400.

This Latest Salary Structure is just to given you an idea of what approx. salary you might be getting. In pay band 1 with Grade pay 2800, salary ranges from 32000 to 38000. However any suggestions on improvement are welcome.

Salary in pay band 1 of 5200-20200 GP 2400 will be approx (for New Recruits) - 2400 Grade pay salary:
Gross Salary @24% HRA= 38280 for X category city
Gross Salary @16% HRA= 34440 for Y category city
Gross Salary @8% HRA= 32400 for Z category city
There might be some other allowance depending on the type of department you are posted. 
Cash in Hand Salary of Pay Band 1 = Rs. 30000-35500

Pay band 2 - 4200 Grade pay salary:
Gross Salary in pay band 2 of 9300-34800 GP 4200 will be approx. 44000-51700.
Cash in Hand Salary of Pay Band 2 = INR 40000-47500

The pay band 3 applies to SDO, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR etc. posts and many other similar posts. Only difference is the Grade Pay and allowances.

Pay Band 3 - 5400 grade pay salary:
Salary in pay band 3 of 15600-39100 GP 5400 will be approx. = INR 74000-78000
Cash in Hand Salary of Pay Band 3 = INR 68000-72000.

Check more details on how basic pay is calculated using below 7th CPC report.
7th Pay commission basic pay from Grade pay calculation
Check All Grade Pay Basic pay salary - Grade pay 1800 1900 2000 2400 2800 4200 4600 4800 5400 6600 7600 8700 10000

Note:  If a candidate opts to stay in the government quarter, then HRA will not be included.
If a person's salary more than shown, it means he/she is given more allowances on the job. Similarly if a If a person's salary less than shown, it means he/she is given less allowances on the job
The above figure of Salary may increase or decrease depending on the amount of allowance you are given.
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