Time and Work Problems Shortcut Trick Type 6

Here is Time and work problems shortcut trick type 6.
This time, we are posting Time and work problems type #6 as a part of the series. As said earlier, there are approximately more than 20 types of time and work problems from which there are some questions that can be asked in SSC, IBPS or other competitive exams.
The time and work problem shortcut trick given below is type 6. You can click on SITEMAP given on top of site and on sitemap page under quantitative aptitude section, to learn all those 5 types of time and work questions and All OTHER TRICKS.

So here is a fast math shortcut trick to solving time and work problems type #6.
Suppose you are given a question like the one given below:
Q: A can do a piece of work in 15 days but if B helps him, he can finish the work in 10 days. Determine in how many days, B can finish that work working alone?
Shortcut method for solving this question is given below:
A=15 days
A+B=10 days
Step 1.
Take LCM of 15 and 10 by shortcut of LCM. The LCM will be 30 which is total work.
Step 2. Divide this LCM i.e. 30 by 15 and 10 respectively. The values comes out are A’s and A+B’s one day work capacity. Write it as
A= 15     (30/15=2)
So A=15                (2)
A+B= 10               (30/10=3)
So A+B=10          (3)
The values 2 and 3 are A and A+B’s one day work.
Step 3. Now A=2 and A+B=3 (equating to values given in brackets)
We get B=1
So B will finish that work in 30/1=30 days Ans.     (because B=1)
If it is asked that in how many days, will A finish that work, then
30/2=15                (because A=2)
When solving in paper, don’t write as long as I do in this post as I was doing it just to explain the trick completely. If you practice these questions with this trick then you can easily solve them in 10 seconds.

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