Below is Time and work problems shortcut type 5
Time and work problems are asked in most of the competitive examination including SSC and IBPS etc. The time given to solve the questions in these exams in very limited that only a candidate with practice of shortcut methods of quantitative aptitude can solve most of the questions in quantitative aptitude. So to help you solve problems in quantitative aptitude of competitive examination, we have posted some good tricks which will help you solve problems in quantitative aptitude quickly and easily.

The time and work problem shortcut trick given below is type 5. We have recently posted all the 4 type. To learn all those 4 types of time and work questions and ALL TRICKS, please click on SITEMAP given on top of site and on sitemap under quantitative aptitude section.
More shortcut tricks on time and work problems will be posted if you like these.
Time and Work Problems shortcut trick type #5
2 men or 5 women
or 10 children can do a piece of work in 36 days. In how many days, 1 man and 1 woman or 2 children can do that work?
Here is the shortcut trick for this type of question.
Let m denotes man
And w denotes woman
And c denotes children
The equation in the given question is
Now equating men and women to children respectively,
so 1m=5c
and also 5w=10c
so 1w= 2c
putting these values in question to be answered
5c+2c+2c=36      (putting the values of m and w shown above)
So c=4
Now multiply this value of c to the given no. of children i.e.
10*4=40 days Ans.
So 1 man and 1 woman and 2 children will do that work in 40 days. Ans.
For better understanding, let us take another example.
3 men or 4 women or 12 children can do a work in 44 days. Determine in how many days, 2 men and 3 women and 5 children can do that work?
Let us do this question now with shortcut method
So 2m=8c    (2m are asked in question)
Also 4w=12c
So 3w=9c
putting these values in question to be answered
So c=2
Now multiply this value of c to the given no. of children i.e.
12*2=24 days Ans.
Now practice all time and work problems of this type. You can solve this type of questions in just 10 seconds if you practice this trick as you don’t have to write all the steps in the exam. You just have to find the answer.
So in your practice of these time and work question, just equate all the ‘or’ men and women and boys and find their equality and put them equal to days as shown above.

Hope you like the trick if you are able to understand the trick.
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