Shortcuts for Aptitude-Formulas for Aptitude test Questions

Solving the aptitude test questions with accuracy as well as quickly is asked in most of the competitive, entrance and qualifying examinations. But the main problem that arise is you have to solve the questions as faster as you are like a calculator performing the calculations. The process of finding the right answer takes time and time is the main thing in these exams.
You have to save as much time as you can so that you can solve enough question that will make you easily qualify your exams. There are so many competitive or entrance exams for which lakhs of aspirants prepares but only those are able to qualify them who are faster as well as accurate than others.

Shortcuts for Aptitude

Every aspirant giving an aptitude test tries their best to do maximum questions with accuracy but you know there is always a compromise between accuracy and speed if you don’t practice and don’t know shortcuts techniques for qualifying aptitude test. So for qualifying any exam, you are not only needed to be faster but also more accurate with your techniques.

So here we are teaching you the shortcut techniques for qualifying aptitude tests whether they are quantitative aptitude tests or general aptitude tests or any other.

The tricks or techniques we teach are very rare and if you practice them on your fingertips, you will be able to solve the questions quickly as well as accurately getting the right answer in minimum time. And if you solve aptitude test quickly with accuracy, you have more chances of qualifying the aptitude tests.
So remember the shortcut methods given in the link below and practice them daily until you get them on your fingertips in seconds. You will find all shortcuts of aptitude test as well as reasoning shortcuts and other tips to help you qualify your exams.

Time and Work trick
Ratio and Proportion Trick
Syllogism Trick
Coding & Decoding Trick